Operative Series

Please note that these files contain explicit photographs of operations

Examination of the degenerative hand Nerve decompression-Ulnar (cubital tunnel)
DRUJ-Darrach procedure Nerve decompression-Ulnar (Guyon's canal)
DRUJ-Sauve Kapandji procedure PIPJ arthroplasty (Anterior, Swanson)
DRUJ-Ulnar osteotomy PIPJ arthroplasty (Lateral, Swanson)
DRUJ-Ulnar stabilisation PIPJ arthroplasty (Posterior, Ascension)
De Quervain's release PIPJ arthroplasty (Posterior, interposition)
Dupuytren's - Dermofasciectomy PIPJ arthroplasty (Posterior, Swanson)
Dupuytren's - Fasciectomy PIPJ synovectomy (Anterior)
Dupuytren's - Fasciotomy (needle aponeurotomy) Pisiformectomy
Extensor tendon realignment Radial palsy-Transfer
Extensor synovectomy (Rheumatoid) STT fusion
Extensor tendon reconstruction (FDS to EDC) Syndactyly release
Extensor tendon reconstruction (EIP to EPL) Tendon techniques (plantaris harvest)
Extensor tendon reconstruction (Graft) Tendon techniques (weaving)
Finger deformity (Boutonniere, Fowler tenotomy) Thumb deformity (Boutonniere)
Finger deformity (Swan neck, FDS tenodesis) Thumb deformity, Sesamoid fusion
Finger deformity (Swan neck, Littler release) TMCJ-Fusion
Finger deformity (Swan neck, lateral band tenodesis) TMCJ-Stabilisation
Finger fusion TMCJ-Trapeziectomy (Anterior)
Finger arthroplasty (Ascension)  TMCJ-Trapeziectomy (Posterior)
Finger arthroplasty (Swanson) Trigger finger release
Flexor synovectomy Ulnar palsy-anticlawing (ECRL)
Flexor tendon reconstruction Ulnar palsy-anticlawing (FDS)
MCPJ arthroplasty (Ascension) Ulnar palsy-anticlawing (PL)
MCPJ arthroplasty (Tupper interposition) Ulnar palsy-Wartenburg correction
MCPJ arthroplasty (Swanson) Wrist-Denervation
MCPJ soft tissue realigment Wrist-Four cornered fusion
Median palsy-Opponensplasty (ADM) Wrist-Fusion (AO plate)
Median palsy-Opponensplasty (ECRB) Wrist-Fusion (Stanley pin)
Median palsy-Opponensplasty (EIP) Wrist-Radial styloidectomy
Median palsy-Opponensplasty (FDS) Wrist-Proximal row carpectomy
Median palsy-Opponensplasty (PL) Wrist-Stabilisation (Blatt)
Nerve decompression-Median (endoscopic carpal tunnel ) Wrist-Stabilisation (Brunelli)
Nerve decompression-Median (open carpal tunnel) Wrist-Stabilisation (ECRL)
Nerve decompression-Median (high and interosseous) Wrist-Stabilisation (ECU)
Nerve decompression-Radial (high and interosseous)  

These operative series form the basis of the Advanced Hand Surgery Course at the Royal College of Surgeons.
I am grateful to colleagues who have provided me with some of the photographs
and to all the patients who have given consent for these images to be used for teaching and information.

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