Carpal tunnel release (open) Osteoarthritis - Hand&Wrist
Carpal tunnel release (endoscopic) Osteoarthritis - Thumb-base
Cubital tunnel release Osteoarthritis - STT
De Quervain release Pisiformectomy
Distal radio-ulnar joint surgery Proximal nerve decompression
Extensor tendon reconstruction Radial nerve palsy correction
Extensor tendon subluxation Rheumatoid hand
Finger arthroplasty Rheumatoid thumb
Finger deformity Sesamoid fusion
Finger fusion  Swanson arthroplasty
Finger injuries Tendon techniques
Flexor tendon reconstruction Tendon injury
Guyon's canal release Tendon transfer
Hand burns Tennis elbow
Hand classifications TFC degeneration
Hand fractures Thumb ligament injuries
Hand infections Trigger finger release
Ischaemic contracture release Ulnar nerve palsy correction
Median palsy correction Ulnar stabilisation
Mismanaged hand injures Wrist denervation
Osteoarthritis - Basic sciences Wrist fusion
Osteoarthritis - Digital Wrist stabilisation

Much of this teaching material derives from the Advanced Hand Surgery Course at the Royal College of Surgeons. I am grateful to colleagues who have provided me with hand-outs.

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