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We’ve tested and listed the best web hosting services you can safely use in 2020 and beyond. Read our comparision to find the perfect web hosting provider for your needs.

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Web Hosting

A shared web hosting with multiple sites, owned by multiple customers, on one server.




Managed Hosting

The hosting company handles the setup, administration, management, and support of the server and all applications.




Cloud Hosting

On-demand availability of data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.




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Pinnacle once offered ISP, hosting and development comparison with a real focus on customer success. They aimed to get to know all our customers, ensuring they have the right solution for the job, and somewhere to turn when they have a problem.

Formed in 1994, Pinnacle was one of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers. We offered full range of hosting, email and internet connection services, and by working closely with the best in UK, European and US bandwidth and connectivity providers, we can deliver a quality service. A small, dedicated customer support team ensures that your queries are responded to rapidly, and that we can explain things in plain English!

In 1995 Pinnacle developed GoJobsite, the UK’s leading ‘On-Line’ Recruitment Company, and one of the Internet’s success stories. They have built upon this experience, delivering exemplar websites, Intranet and e-commerce solutions, knowledge management tools and data-driven web sites. Recognising that content on a website or intranet is only useful if it is up-to-date, we have developed a sophisticated suite of tools that enable the client to manage or update the content without needing specialist skills. They also offer development services both direct to their customers, and to a number of affiliated design groups.

Pinnacle's Hosting Comparison Focus

On the market there is a variety of web hosting providers who offer web space packages at various conditions. These differ not only in the scope of services and pricing, but also in other important factors such as the server location or the customer support offered. To find the right web hosting provider for your own web project, a detailed web hosting comparison of the different offers is worthwhile.

Maximum Performance and

A good hosting is virtually invisible, because it works unobtrusively and is good. I don’t have to deal with it while everything is running. If a hoster is conspicuous, it is usually rather negative. If something goes wrong, which of course can always happen, e.g. a hard disk breaks down or other problems of technical nature occur, then a hoster can score with good support and fast response times. If the loading times get bad, the server is not continuously available or breakdowns accumulate, a bad hoster can cost not only nerves but also good money.

WordPress Hosting Comparison

WordPress makes only few special demands on a web host. A new PHP version, a fast database and special functions of the web space demand a lot from the web space. The advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that the hoster takes care of the whole technical side of your WordPress installation. You can concentrate on your content. With managed WordPress Hosting you get more security, great additional features (backup, etc.), a better performance and an extremely specialized support.

Secure and reliable Hosting Providers

SSL encryption is used to encrypt data transmission between the website visitor’s terminal device and the server using the Transport Socket Layer (TLS) protocol. The purpose is to ensure that sensitive data such as passwords, addresses, credit card data or other personal information cannot be read by unauthorized third parties on the Internet. Especially in online shops or other web offers where users enter confidential data, care should be taken to use SSL encryption. The website visitor recognizes the active encryption by the protocol designation HTTPS in the browser or, depending on the validation mechanism, also by an address bar with a green background.